MedTech code

The new Code of Ethical Business practice


With the new Code of Ethical Business practice, direct industry sponsorship will no longer be supported for all Companies members of MedTech Middle East. As MedTech Middle East announced, “grants can only be provided to PCOs but never to individuals”. PCOs (for Professional Conference Organizer) are “third-parties of trust”, and they will receive financial support from industries to provide educational grants to practitioners.


Com&Co Events is a PCO operating on behalf of IMC-LIVE and as a third-party of trust, will manage your participation to this event providing the means to sustain the IMC-LIVE vision of enhancing HCPs (HealthCare Professionals) clinical skills for the benefit of the patient.

If you have any questions concerning the procedure, please contact to the General Organization:

Registration procedure

  • Go through the registration page before December 15th, 2017
  • Select the Participant Registration and Choose your country
  • Purchase your registration or request your arrangement by the organisation
  • Fill in the form and follow the procedure to submit your registration
  • If you are eligible to benefit from the Grants, the General Organization will contact you by mail following your submission.